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Amcotech (Al Mofaker Computer Technology LLC) was incorporated on 4th April 1998 in Dubai. Having its registered office in Islamabad, Amcotech Services is an IT-driven business specializing in solutions, the supply and support of computer equipment, software, and other IT-related functions. These functions and solutions are designed specifically to help clients with the management and maintenance of their IT-related functions and equipment. Amcotech assists clients with the implementation and planning of new projects and helps to design the best solutions for the client’s needs. Amcotech has traversed an enriching journey of around 4 years and has emerged as an IT Infrastructure Solution provider supporting customers from small and

Our Vision

To be known as a leader in supply and support of IT equipment and reliable solution provider for all business needs of our customers. We at Amcotech serve you as your complete IT solutions provider.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products and solutions that combine performance with value pricing while establishing a successful relationship with our customer and suppliers.

Our Approach

Our company’s philosophy is continuous improvement and integration and with the support of its strong quality management system it focuses on to provide high quality

Our Values

We believe in Integrity, Honesty, Quality, and Commitment to our clients. After all, the biggest asset of any business exists in its clients and people. We also believe that any successful transaction

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