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IT Asset Disposition, Integrated Refurbishment, Redeployment, Remarketing, and Recycling Services

When retiring computer assets and selecting an IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner, customers want a secure extension of internal IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs. Amco Recycling Solutions offers comprehensive and integrated services for managing the reuse or final disposition of retired company assets. These services provide unique and tangible benefits to our customers, including:

Logistics Services

Amco offers an array of logistics options to suit your specific requirements. Amco offer very competitive rates and our logistics services are tailored as per customer requirements.

De-Installation & Asset Removal Services

Amco’s onsite service technicians are available to perform hardware reinstallations and onsite serialized audits for both office and data center

Inventory Management

Providing complete inventory for Systems, Monitors, Laptops, Printers &
Copiers & Assets Tag details for complete inventory.

Lower Logistics Costs

Our facility offers complete processing under one roof, virtually eliminating
the need to transport material between facilities. This reduced handling
results in reduced logistics costs and carbon footprint.

Reduced Handling

Limiting the number of times equipment is transported minimizes the
potential for digital data breaches

Clearly Defined and Document Procedures

Our streamlined chain of custody and audit trail support corporate
compliance programs.

Consistent Service Delivery Model

Accounts are managed regionally simplifying vendor relations for our clients.
Amco is able to quickly respond to new requests or special projects to ensure
your company has the support it needs.

Data Security

Amco ensures all hard drives and memory storage systems are completely
erased or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access to your proprietary

COMPLete Audit Trail for Risk Management

Our defined processes and integrated solution enables our customers to
adhere to corporate risk management programs.
Amco operates sites throughout the region, enabling us to support multi-site
companies regionally and nationally.


In this time of constant threats to data security, protecting your confidential
information is one of the highest priorities for all companies. Amco Recycling
Solutions can assist in securing your data on retired assets. Safe, secure and
simple – that’s what Amco offers to help you manage the disposition of hard
drives. We offer hassle free removal and guaranteed data destruction.

On-Site Data Destruction Services

On-Site Data Destruction Services, We offer solutions for small and large projects and multiple methods to destroy data. We provide solutions for magnetic and solid-state drives.

  • Hard Drive Shredding – Large Quantities 
  • Data Erasure 
  • Hard Drive Degaussing 
  • Hard Drive Crushing 
  • Hard Drive Shredding 
  • Lockable Bins for Hard Drive Storage 
  • Tape Destruction 
  • Remote Employee Services

Bulk Data Destruction Services
(At Amco Facility)

  • Bulk Data Erasure 
  • Bulk Hard Drive Disposal 
  • Witnessed Destruction

Defined Processes

Standard Operating Procedures Amco uses clearly defined processes to make certain all hard drives are completely overwritten, and that no hard drive is skipped during the process. Amco Recycling Solutions’ audited processes provide peace of mind, accountability and assurance that your company’s privacy and corporate reputation remain intact when managing your end of life IT assets.

Certificates of Data Destruction

Proof of Data Destruction Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided, regardless of the service provided – data erasure, on-site destruction, witnessed destruction or plant recycling.